Engineering team develops 'shipyard on a ship'- NEW!

After months of product development, University of Nebraska–Lincoln engineers are leaving safe harbor to test their prototype on the open ocean.

Modern high-performance ships are mostly aluminum-hulled.  Aluminum ships are strong and lightweight but can suffer from corrosion and cracking problems with prolonged exposure to saltwater and sun in the sea conditions. To make repairs, crews must return to a shipyard, where damaged plates are removed and new ones are welded into place. we are dreaming of a 'shipyard on a ship' concept. After accomplishing many project milestones, our group developed a portable laser system that prevents and repairs corrosion on aluminum-sided ships. "This technology has the potential to save the Navy millions of dollars in shipyard time, as well as lost sea time," said Airan Perez, corrosion and control science and technology program officer at the Office of Naval Research. 








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