Congratulations to Ying for Her Successful Comprehensive Exam

Precise Assembly and Welding of Silver Nanowires in Three Dimensions for Multifunctional Device Fabrication

Professor Lu becomes JLA's new editor in chief

LANE Congradulates Professor Lu on his new position as the Editor in chief of the Journal of Laser Applications. 

Let us welcome Dr Fan

LANE welcomes Dr Peixun Fan as the new Postdoctoral fellow. He has extensive experience in Laser Advanced Materials Processing, Laser Controlled Fabrication of Surface Micro-Nano structures and Functionalization, Laser Assisted synthesis of Low-DImensional Nano Materials, Developing Laser Based Micro-Nano Manufacturing Techniques.

LANE group attending the All-Hands Meeting of the Radar Consortium at the University of Arkansas at Fayatteville.

The Spring All Hands Meeting was a good place to get an overview of all the other universities that work alongside us. It helped to contextualize the work of LANE lab within the wider consortium. Our diamond heat sinks are critical to practically implement the new technologies of other teams, which would otherwise only be theoretical; still, similar praise could be attributed to the work of many other teams.



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